About Touch and Treat Animals Trust

We are not for profit Trust in India committed to the welfare of animals.

Our Vision: “To build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness and all animals to live a life free of cruelty and suffering”

Our Mission: To advance the safety and well-being of animals.Rescuing animals in distress and providing them with medical care is one of our core missions.Help animals in need through sheltering, adoption, spay/neuter.To promote and provide the resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.


Anupam Mehta

This goes well with a famous Quote of Mother Theresa “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”

We know about Good Samaritan, but the real meaning for Good Samaritan and an Human Angle is Anupam Mehta, a young boy from Delhi who wasn’t aware of the next big thing was awaiting for him a life changing event. The Big Transformation took place in his life at the time of COVID-19 Lockdown March 2020, where all Business, Shops and Everything was shut and Stray animals were starving because many food chains, hotels were completely shut and they had no food to eat

During the lockdown, I saw many strays sitting out on the road, probably wondering where all the humans were. My first thought was “the dogs are hungry!”. So I went back home, asked my mom to cook something up for them and that’s how my journey started with feeding 5 dogs.

At that time, I saw people doing various challenges on social media, so I thought of  starting a challenge myself — Feed the Strays Challenge; you feed a few of the strays and tag 5 people that you want to challenge to do the same. I tagged a few members from the Adidas runners community, which I was a part of. 

Within a month I started stepping out every day to feed them. This was the time you needed an E-pass to step out. I was stopped several times at check-posts. Once when they stopped me, I was honest and showed them the buckets of food. Slowly they started recognising me and letting me pass freely saying, “Kutho waale sahab agaye !”. 

Sometimes I would come across injured pups, so I’d pick them up and take them to the vet. That’s how I started the rescue and treatment process in Noida. I did this single handedly and started posting stories. I got a mixed-bag of comments like “why are you doing this? Aren’t you afraid of putting your family in a dire situation?” 

I am a very ordinary man with extraordinary plans to save as much as stray animals and compassion for animals’ welfare and dedicating all my time, energy and resources for their welfare.

I never thought my one small initiative of feeding 5 dogs will taking me through this long that i would Register a Trust Named Touch And Treat for the Stray Animals and their Betterment.

I believe in this “saving one dog won’t change the world for sure but for that one dog the world will change forever and animal’s life matters to me as much as mine”

Anupam Mehta has been selected as the REX Karmaveer Global Youth Fellow for the year 2020-2021

Recognised for the service and work towards feeding and rescuing the stray animals in the 2020-2021 lockdown period

Frequently Asked Questions


The core mission of Touch and Treat Animal Trust is to serve our community animals (that is homeless, street animals) and birds in these ways:

  1. Rescue and treat sick and injured community animals and birds
  2. Provide Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti-Rabies Vaccinations to community animals
  3. Conduct humane education programmes about community animal welfare

As of now we are planning to Have our own Shelter house, But we cover Noida and South Delhi areas.

Please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us

Yes you can .

Our operating hours are as follows:


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM


7AM–10AM and 5PM – 9PM

For now we don’t have our own Shelter House, we Place the Rescued Dogs in the other Shelter house.

We encourage communities to take care of abandoned puppies and kittens where they were found, by providing them with food and water. Please register a complaint with us by providing the mother dog/cat’s picture and location.

The safest place for puppies/kittens is with their mothers. If you don’t see the mom, there’s a couple different ways to tell if mom is around. If the puppies/kittens are clean and quiet, the mother is most likely coming back. However, if they are dirty and crying, the mother may not return. At that point, please contact us to discuss what can be done.

The only way we can help you is by sharing the message on social media. You will have to share with us a recent picture of your lost pet with identifying information and a contact number. You can share this information by contacting us via social media.

You can share this information with us by contacting us on social media. After verification we decide what can be best done for the lost pet. 


The core mission of Touch and Treat Animal Trust is to serve our community animals (that is homeless, street animals) and birds in these ways:

  1. Rescue and treat sick and injured community animals and birds
  2. Provide Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti-Rabies Vaccinations to community animals
  3. Conduct humane education programmes about community animal welfare

Yes, please register a complaint with us by providing the details of the dog and its location

Yes, please register a complaint with us by providing the details of the dog and its location

Touch and Treat Animal Trust does not rescue wild animals and birds. However we can refer you to others with regards to snake rescues. Please contact us to get a referral.

We attend to rescues within 25-30kms radius. During emergencies like an accident we have also extended help to far of places only when the caller/reporter has volunteered to get the animal or meet us half way.

To report about wild animals please contact the nearest Forest Department.



How can I help?

You can help us in various ways:

  • We accept both monetary and material donations. Please visit our Donation page to contribute
  • We house a number of residents at various shelter. You can help sponsor one of them by providing for their upkeep. Please visit our Sponsor page to learn more about sponsoring a pet
  • We are always looking for volunteers to help us with various activities. Please visit our volunteer page to know more about volunteering with us and how to become a volunteer
  • You can foster one or more rescued animals. Please visit our Foster page to learn about fostering and how you can join our foster network
  • Lastly, you can help by adopting a rescued animal by giving him or her a forever home and a family. Please visit our Adoption page to learn more

Please visit our Donation page to learn more and contribute

Yes you can always donate pet food. We also recommend you contact us and enquire for our immediate needs.

Please visit our Sponsor page to learn more about sponsoring a pet

Please visit our Foster page to learn more about joining our foster network

Please visit our Adoption page to learn more about adopting a rescued animal

Please visit our Volunteer page to learn more about becoming a volunteer

What is Sterilization surgery?

The most widely used techniques for surgical sterilization of pets involve removal of the gonads (gonadectomy). Terminology and procedures differ between the two sexes. In males, each testis with attached epididymis is removed in a procedure commonly referred to as “neutering” or castration. In females, the uterus is removed in concert with both ovaries in a procedure called “spaying” or ovariohysterectomy.


Why do you sterilize stray dogs and cats?

There are no shortcut solutions to control stray dog/cat population. Surgical sterilization has been the cornerstone of efforts to curb stray dog/cat overpopulation. The only scientific and legal way is effective sterilization. The Animal Birth Control (ABC) module is also approved by our Supreme Court.


How do I identify if a stray dog or cat has been sterilized?

All stray dogs/cats that have been sterilized will have a notch on their ear. It looks like a ‘V’ shape cut on the end of an ear.


Do you sterilize pet dogs and cats?

No, we do not sterilize pet dogs/cats. We recommend you consult your regular veterinary doctor for this procedure.


What We Do

Our Services

Rescuing Strays

Touch and treat has been actively rescuing stray animals who are in critical and non-critical condition.


All are deserving of a forever home and the process is a lot easier than you think.

Medical Care

Touch and Treat get the best of best treatment from the nearest Vets whom we are tied up with

Animal Shelter

For time being we take the recued, homeless animals to the nearest animal shelter so

that they are safe untill we have our one Shelter home.


Touch and Treat organize Drives twice a month to spay and neuter as many as Animals

Feeding Programs

Touch and Treat currently does 100-150 feeds per day

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