Touch And Treat


Fostering is one of the most selfless and gratifying aspects of animal rescue. If you are able to, please help foster our rescued animals by joining our foster team.

Fostering rescued animals until they are ready for adoption helps the animals immensely. We will provide all the support needed to help you foster these rescues animals, and help put them up for adoption when they are ready.

What is foster care?

A Foster Care Provider or “Foster” provides temporary, in-home care for puppies or kittens or Medium aged Dogs until they can be adopted. Sometimes the foster home is the first stable and loving environment the animal has ever experienced. Fostering requires someone who can provide a nurturing home, bond with, and help socialize until a permanent and loving home can be found.


How long do I foster an animal/bird?

The fostering period can last anywhere from a few days to a month or more.

What are the things I need to foster care and will Touch and Treat Animals Trust help me?

You will require a bed where the foster baby can be kept safely, a Heat pad to provide warmth in heavy winters, Infant formula that can be fed through a syringe or feeding bottle to Puppies . All the above mentioned material, detailed instructions and training will be provided by Touch and Treat Animals Trust before fostering a shelter baby.

I live in an apartment and we are not allowed to keep pets, can I still foster care?

Yes you can because foster babies usually spend the entire time sleeping. They are generally not considered as a full-time pet because they don’t make any noise nor move around.

How can I become a foster parent?

You will first have to register as a volunteer and then go through training for foster care.