March 2020

Under Shelter Care
Veterinary Treatments


Anupam Mehta

This goes well with a famous Quote of Mother Theresa “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”

We know about Good Samaritan, but the real meaning for Good Samaritan and an Human Angle is Anupam Mehta, a young boy from Delhi who wasn’t aware of the next big thing was awaiting for him a life changing event. The Big Transformation took place in his life at the time of COVID-19 Lockdown March 2020, where all Business, Shops and Everything was shut and Stray animals were starving because many food chains, hotels were completely shut and they had no food to eat

During the lockdown, I saw many strays sitting out on the road, probably wondering where all the humans were. My first thought was “the dogs are hungry!”. So I went back home, asked my mom to cook something up for them and that’s how my journey started with feeding 5 dogs.

At that time, I saw people doing various challenges on social media, so I thought of  starting a challenge myself — Feed the Strays Challenge; you feed a few of the strays and tag 5 people that you want to challenge to do the same. I tagged a few members from the Adidas runners community, which I was a part of. 

Within a month I started stepping out every day to feed them. This was the time you needed an E-pass to step out. I was stopped several times at check-posts. Once when they stopped me, I was honest and showed them the buckets of food. Slowly they started recognising me and letting me pass freely saying, “Kutho waale sahab agaye !”. 

Sometimes I would come across injured pups, so I’d pick them up and take them to the vet. That’s how I started the rescue and treatment process in Noida. I did this single handedly and started posting stories. I got a mixed-bag of comments like “why are you doing this? Aren’t you afraid of putting your family in a dire situation?” 

I am a very ordinary man with extraordinary plans to save as much as stray animals and compassion for animals’ welfare and dedicating all my time, energy and resources for their welfare.

I never thought my one small initiative of feeding 5 dogs will taking me through this long that i would Register a Trust Named Touch And Treat for the Stray Animals and their Betterment.

I believe in this “saving one dog won’t change the world for sure but for that one dog the world will change forever and animal’s life matters to me as much as mine”