Touch And Treat


Too many Dogs, puppies and kittens are abandoned on streets each year. These animals need food, water, healthcare and most importantly, the security of a forever home.

Touch and Treat Animals Trust promotes our rescued Stray animals for adoption. Be Indian, Don’t shop, adopt Indian is the motto, and we encourage everyone to adopt rescues instead of shopping for them.

Animals rescued from the streets from neglect and hunger are fostered by our volunteers at their homes. These animals are dewormed – that is given medicine to remove worms from their stomach, as well as given vaccinations. Exact course of vaccinations given may vary but can be disclosed at the time of adoption.

Our adoption Procedures are nominal. We require ID proof of residence during adoption. We follow up regularly to ensure the wellbeing of the animal adopted.

Adopting a rescued animal is a very fulfilling experience. Please stop at our Social media look at our adoption Drives and adopt a Stray Dog, puppy or kitten today. Please contact us to learn more.